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"A unique approach to the rise of the world from the latest end of the world. This is a book that portrays the accuracy of human nature and the will to survive. It's the start of an intended trilogy and I look forward to reading what comes next. This book has strong characters and great chemistry between them. It's a compelling story and a very ambitious book. I like that it has twisted several genres in one, and it connects very well. "






During dinner, the couple talked of the invoices to pay, the children and the tasks they had to take care of at home. Most of the time their conversations were always about these subjects. Seldom did they talk about themselves, their feelings or their relationship. After dinner, they cleaned up and Marta went to the living room to watch TV while Gustavo took the computer to his bedroom.



When he got home, he found it odd to find his father-in-law in front of the TV instead of his kids; instead of cartoons, the channel was some breaking news. “Unidentified object parked on The Moon” was in large letter on the screen, while it gave static images of what looked like a kind of green building with legs on The Moon. The journalist talked about this carefully, repeating himself frequently and showing he had little information on the subject.


Chapter III - THE LIST

1 – Shelter
It is necessary to have a hiding place, like a bunker, where the invaders cannot get in;

2 – Food
We must buy canned food as soon as possible, such as grain, beans, tuna, sardines, etc.;

3 – Drinkable water
The invaders could possibly contaminate our lands and waters, as such, there must be much drinkable water;

4 – Weapons
The law of the strongest will rule, the more weapons we have, the better our chances of survival, we must also think of gas masks;

5 – Medicines
The people that need medicine to live must have a large stock prepared, and it’s better to build a stock of first-aid kits;

6 – Seeds
As it has already been said, it is possible that the invaders might contaminate the environment, but should that not be the case, we must gather as many seeds as we can to start producing our food;

7 – Power
Our power supply will soon be over, thus we must accumulate as many batteries, solar power and fuel as possible;

8 – Information

If necessary, obtain information on how to do things, manuals on agriculture, power, electricity, computer information, etc.



He still felt his body dazed and weak from the enormous amount of alcohol he had drank in the previous night. He decided to go to the living room and see something on TV without worrying about anything else. He started zapping through the channels in search of some American movie without much of a plot to think about when he stopped on a news channel that showed images of riots that spread around the world. He thought that was better than any movie and kept watching. 



Gustavo felt defeated, he could not do anything for his family to remain there. Even worse, he felt disappointed with the aliens, who had threatened and not lived up to the threat. In addition, he couldn't stand anymore the jokes from his parents-in-law concerning the animals that were in the backyard.

- Now you can take back the piglet to your house, in Lisbon, and make a pigsty there in your backyard, I'm sure your neighbors have never seen a pig.

- Not in the backyard, put it in the bath. It’s better. – His father-in-law said and couldn’t finish the sentence from all the laughing.



The road to Castelo Branco was empty, usually it had a few cars, but now they seemed to be the only ones in the road. In the middle of the way, they stopped, looked at Ponsul River and observed something strange, the flow that was usually large and still was now much more narrow and low, as if it was a river with swift currents.

- What happened here? – Zeca asked.

- They surely destroyed Monte Fidalgo's dam. – Norton answered.



When he finished the speech, Gustavo lowered from the chair and heard an explosion of applause and cheerful screams, around him, people smiled and congratulated him. Gustavo was euphoric and felt like the most important man of the world, like a prodigy. He did not pay attention to the rest of the meeting, he was fully taken by his speech, with what he had said, and the faces and reactions of the people present.



They departed in a warm August morning in which some people made sure they were present to give the last advice and support. The six men left emotional and with some fear of what they could find ahead. The night before, Gustavo had said goodbye to his kids with a strong hug and thought of the possibility of not seeing them again, in case something in the trip went wrong. As he rode on his horse in the first kilometers that put them away from the village, he felt as the protagonist of some adventure movie or a raider who goes in search of treasure and who will have many adventures, surprises and even undesired encounters. 



The four of them worked frequently together, and all the laws had to be approved by Gustavo, he always had the last word and was who also had the folder of foreign relationships and businesses. An almost empty folder, since the foreign relationships were practically void, but Gustavo knew that it would be for a short time: having electricity was too alluring and they would soon come to visit him. 


Chapter X - RUTE

He got up, and when he was ready to speak, Rute got up with him and caught his hand softly; she thought of saying something to keep him from going, but she simply looked at Gustavo’s blue eyes; he was filled with courage and approached Rute’s face and lips slowly. After the first kiss, many others came and their hands ran across both of their bodies with more and more intensity; they got into the small bedroom without stopping their kisses as they took off their clothes in a clumsy manner and ended up naked on the old bed that Gustavo had brought a few hours ago. 



- I know that; he is a simple thief who was unlucky enough to get caught; he was the perfect excuse we needed in order to carry out this attack; now, we’re going to say that we found, in your houses, plans to attack and assault our village. You know, José Lino, every great empire and regime needs to find a common enemy in order to create a mutual goal; 



He knew perfectly that if they eliminated the core of the party, the remaining elements would run, hide or simply pray not to be identified with the party that never happened. The meeting began right after dinner and lasted all night long until the first sunshine arrived. The night was long and exhausting for the three men who discussed and prepared in detail how, and when, to execute the operation. 


Chapter XIII - OMEN

Zeca lowered his head letting his shoulder fall ahead; he felt the way Gustavo treated him was unfair, he felt that no matter how hard he tried he would never satisfy him, they were from different worlds and origins, for the first time an idea began to settle in his mind, a military coup, he was the one commanding the soldiers, it would not be that difficult to eliminate Gustavo. It would be an idea to be thought about carefully and germinated later.


Last news

The book will be translated to English, French and Spanish. Probably only in 2017 shall be published.

As soon I have more news and information, I will blog here.


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New face

Making same changes in the blog, the English version of the book is in this way.


Livro português mais descarregado

Durante os três primeiros dias de promoção grátis, o livro teve mais de 1000 descargas.



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Hoje é um novo começo

O meu pai sempre me dizia, e com razão, que eu nunca acabava os meus projectos, aprender a andar em patins, tocar guitarra, fazer surf, são alguns exemplos de coisas que deixei a meio. Talvez seja normal, tudo isto
faz parte do processo de maturação da nossa personalidade, na nossa procura de hobbies e paixões na vida.

Com o passar dos tempos, novos projectos e ideais vão aparecendo, substituto os anteriores. Novos projectos, novos sonhos e esperanças. Afinal são eles que nos fazem sonhar e agarrar à vida com tanta ilusão e forças.

Sempre imaginei que um dia poderia escrever um livro ou um conto, mas jamais imaginei que podia desfrutar tanto em fazê-lo, ao ponto de querer fazer mais e mais.

Este livro durou mais de 2 anos a lança-lo, a parte mais divertida foi escrever e inventar situações e personagens. Depois tive de repassar o texto uma e outra vez, enviei aos meus pais e irmã para que me dessem as suas primeiras impressões e voltar a ler e repassar. Pedir para que me ajudassem com a capa, configuração, parte gráfica etc etc.

Aprendi muito, gostei da experiência e do resultado e quero mais. Também surgiram incertezas e medos, e se ninguém gostar? Não há problema, eu gostei e isso é o mais importante.

Estou neste projecto de corpo e alma, tenho mais ideias, mais imaginação e quero escrever mais livros. Cada maluco tem a sua pancada.

Hoje começa uma nova aventura, espero contrariar o meu pai, que este trajecto dure muito tempo. Haja paixão, determinação e persistência.


English version is in this way

In June will come out in the English market the first part of this trilogy. The translation is already in progress.


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A versão digital está ainda em pré-venda até dia 4, mas já se pode solicitar, enquanto o livro em formato papel já esta disponível.

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