Review by Todd Simpson

Excellent Story, with a very interesting plot. I love a book that gets you thinking, and this one certainly grabbed my attention. I like the way the Author has portrayed Gustavo as a character, and I really enjoyed following him throughout this story. You would have thought he was just an average bloke, a little quirky, but he’s certainly not average. Gustavo hates his in laws, doesn’t love his wife anymore, and is happy to cruise in a job where he only puts in half a day’s work. However, this gives him plenty of time to spend on other things he enjoys. So, when a large green object lands on the moon, Gustavo survival mode goes into overdrive. Together with his friends, they decide to put together everything they will need to survive if they end up being attacked by whatever possible alien force might be up there. Gathering canned food, seeds, batteries, water and guns is the easy part. Gustavo finds it a bit more difficult to stock pile medication. Luckily his parents have land in a more remote area, where they can hide if needed. Everyone thought Gustavo was being paranoid and delusional with preparation for the world to fall to pieces. So when the inevitable happens and aliens wipe out most of the world’s population, Gustavo is ready. Especially as it puts everyone surviving person back into the dark ages. Now hunting, fishing, and growing food has become the priority. Hands down this is a fantastic book, and certainly worth a read. I’ll definitely be adding Goncalo J Nunes Dias to my list of Authors to watch out for in the future.


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