Delay in the French translation

So, the French translation for Manual for a Murder it's with delay. It's going to be out there, probably, at the beginning of next year - between February and April. Sorry about that.


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Another 4 star review on MFM

"Considering that this was translated from Portuguese and some of the wording was off just slightly, (barely enough to make an impact on your reading, but enough to notice) this was a fantastic novel.

At first, you think it's just the telling of a love story. Of two people finding each other, after having known each other for years, and getting together. That in itself was lovely.

Then all of a sudden, things turn dark. And, you almost can't believe what's about to happen and if it will actually happen. No spoilers here, of course!

This book was pretty quick paced, held your interest, and kept you flipping those pages til it was finished. Not to mention, it had great character development. I'm looking forward to seeing what else this author has to offer."