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Another review on Manual for a Muder. Here's the link:


"Marina is falling in love with a colleague at work and out of love with her husband. Andre is married with a young son, but he says he loves Marina but can't leave his son.

Marina decides that she doesn't want to be the 'other' woman on the side and the affair is ended. Sometime later, Andre's wife is killed.

Oscar is the homicide detective leading the murder investigation. He finds there are several suspects. One is a colleague with whom the woman argued shortly before her death. She also had a lover that she was no longer seeing. Marina and her husband are both suspect, but it's Andre who is the prime suspect.

There are three parts to this story ... the first is told by Marina, followed by Oscar having his say as he investigates. The last is also told in Marina's voice.

It's not a highly suspenseful story, as the truth is revealed in the first part of the book. The journey that Oscar takes to find the truth is engaging.

This is a well written crime fiction with the translation exceptionally done."


A Bad review for Manual for a Murder

So, I find a bad review on the book, here's the link and the review:



"Marina has an affair with a married coworker. After their affair ends, her former lover's wife is killed. Oscar is a police detective investigating the death. When Oscar finds out about the affair, Marina is added to the suspect list.

This story is divided into three parts. The first and last are from Marina's point of view and the second is from Oscar's point of view. The two different viewpoints add a little more intensity to the story than if only one was presented. 

I read a translated version of this book. There were some parts that read a little awkward, and that slowed the flow of the story for me. This is a short book though, so it was still a fast read. 

Dark, clever, and tragic. A good read for mystery fans"


Manual pour un Meurtre - Français

Looks like I'll be translated to another language, this time it's in French, with the book: Manual for a Murder. 

I'm looking forward to seeing and helping the translator. 

Hope to give news about this project very soon.


Review on Manual for a Murder by Pamela Scott

Another review that I find on Amazon:

"This is a well-written and engaging novel. The story is narrated by different characters and the chapters alternate between different viewpoints. This works really well. I like it when author uses this kind of structure. I found the writing, the characters and the story engaging. The synopsis is sparse but a perfect fit for the book. The characters are well developed and engaging. Manual for a Murder has the twists, turns and surprise ending you expect from a good murder mystery."