Review by Todd, from Australia - Manual for a Murder

This is a fabulous story that had me hooked from the beginning. Gonçalo JN Dias has done a fabulous job in weaving this story together, with a very clever and intense plot. I know how much I’m enjoying a book when I need to stop reading it for work and life’s other interruptions, then I’m excited when I start reading it again, and this is definitely one of those stories. I also like that I didn’t pick the ending.
Marina Fonseca thought her life was ok, nothing special, but just ok. That was until a work college Andre de Carvalho started to show some interest in her. After so many years with her husband Julio, things had grown a bit stagnant, and a change is just what she needed. Of course, Marina had a big decision to make, as there was no turning back once she crossed the line and got together with Andre. What Marina didn’t count on was how hard she was going to fall in love with him and his son. The only hurdle for Marina is that Andre is still married, and it doesn’t look like he’s prepared to leave his wife for her. The big question is, what Marina is prepared to do now. From start to finish this is an exceptional book, and I would certainly recommend it. 5/5 Star Rating.

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