Review by Charlie Ferguson

Straight away we are swept up into the world and ways of our main character Gustavo, its done in such a way that we can identify with him. I connected with him instantly, in no specific way for a while but somehow I just felt like Gustavo was my neighbour a man who I knew a lot about and felt emotions towards. This so called average man in fact is nowhere near average after all, he hates his in laws and has fallen out of love with his wife and he treats his job like its more of a nuisance than something paying the bills. But as you read in the Synopsis, the world goes to hell and back, an object parks on the moon and no one knows where it came from, when Gustavo makes  list in preparation for the hypothetical attack he nearly blows the bank and becomes obsessed with the list. He's thought to be crazy but he's not so crazy in the end when the attack happens and everyone is left looking to Gustavo for leadership in a time only he and his 2 friends were prepared for.

I loved Gustavo as a character, he seemed to have all the thought processes I would have in any situation he was in, well or so I believe. I pretty much can only speak of him because that's where my focus is but in relation to his wife, she got on my nerves and I was quite happy with her storyline. Gustavo's friends were great, his closest 2 who were prepared with him were great just for the fact they stood with him on this, they never thought he was crazy or anything, they were on the same wavelength and that alone is hard to find. Gustavo was greatly portrayed, I knew enough about him to feel emotions towards him and support him,  I felt like we were too on the same wavelengths half of the time at least. I'm definitely one person to believe that one day some sort of extinction event will occur in whichever form it may be and that I want to be prepared for it just like Gustavo did but maybe not to so many certain extents ey?

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