Review By Victoria Roberts Siczak

Masterful suspense!
An intriguing tale of suspense and mayhem, "The Good Dictator," is more than an alien invasion apocalypse. Author Goncalo J. Nunes Dias delivers an extraordinary tale of human perception and survival. A mysterious green object lands on the moon, however no one including the authorities believe the device may be cataclysmic. A ordinary man, Gustavo, and a few of his friends, decide to formulate a survival tactics, just in case. This is not an easy task, because everyone else thinks he is being somewhat neurotic. When the inevitable happens, and most of the world's population is annihilated, Gustavo must try to rebuild some sort of society in a world where civilization no longer exists. An intricate storyline, unique characters, and chilling aspects will have you turning pages until the end. 5 stars, sci-fi fans...recommended read!


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